Going Above and Beyond in the Brighton Hospice Community

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Going Above and Beyond:

Serving with Excellence in the
Brighton Hospice Community

For the month of August, the Brighton team has been placing a special focus on one of our core values: “Excellence.”

This single word has so much meaning at Brighton.  It is one of our five values, and it is also the final word of our mission statement.

Excellence is also Brighton’s “WHY.”  We believe that our WHY, our reason for doing the work we do, is to raise the standard of care in the world of hospice; in other words, to achieve Excellence in every aspect of our jobs.

As 2020 continues, healthcare workers everywhere are feeling the burnout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now more than ever, it is so important that we continue to go above and beyond for our patients and facilities, and equally important that we go above and beyond for each other and for ourselves.

Brighton Director of Marketing Therese Lambert remarks on going above and beyond:  “It’s not just about meeting needs or even exceeding needs.  It’s about anticipating needs before someone even knows that they have a need.”

Doing something special for someone experiencing burnout, before they even ask, can go a long way.  “[If] we can text somebody and see…how they’re feeling and act on it, that’s a win.

“It’s also going above and beyond for yourself because you get so much reward back from helping someone.  You are going to make a big difference in their life for that day and probably for a long time because you’ve made a friend.”

So, as Katy Perry would say, “You’re the firework!”  Go out there and be the spark.  And have a fun time doing it!

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