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Brighton Hospice Self-Care Series—Work-Life Balance

“Work-life balance” seems to be the buzzword in modern working culture.  But in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, this important aspect of self-care has become more crucial than ever.” Taking time for yourself so you can take care of others is a great philosophy,” says David Finton, a chaplain and bereavement coordinator at Brighton Hospice in Denver, Colorado.

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Communicating in Facilities

Communicating with facility team members is instrumental to the successful care of Brighton Hospice’s patients.  “We are working as a team, all hands on deck, at the place where the patient lives” says Kelly Weiler, Brighton Hospice Director of Clinical Services in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.  “They’re getting care from both the facility staff and hospice staff, so we all need to be on the same page.”  While the facilities maintain responsibility for the patient’s primary care, hospice provides that extra element of  personalized attention.

Brighton Hospice Self-Care Series—Spending Time With Pets

“Life these days gets pretty heavy,” says Sea Bond-Frojen, a Chaplain at Brighton Hospice in Portland, Oregon.  Sea’s favorite way of practicing self-care is to spend time with her pets. For those without pets at home, watching animal videos online is a wonderful option for self-care and stress reduction.  “It’s a super fun way to increase those dopamine releases in our system,” Sea reminds us.

Self Care Series

Brighton Hospice Self Care Series—Introduction

As 2020 continues, caregivers everywhere are feeling the burnout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s important to emphasize that you do not need to be in a healthcare profession to feel burned out as a caregiver. To promote a renewed focus on self care, the Brighton Hospice Support Services Team will be producing a series of videos focusing on different methods of self care. “Our hope,” says Brighton owner Erin Bennett, “is that everybody will watch these videos and take some time for themselves and do that self care.”

Therese Lambert

Going Above and Beyond in the Brighton Hospice Community

Excellence is Brighton’s reason for doing the work we do. Our mission is to raise the standard of care in the world of hospice, and to achieve Excellence in every aspect of our jobs. As 2020 continues, healthcare workers everywhere are feeling the burnout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now more than ever, it is so important that we continue to go above and beyond for our patients and facilities, and equally important that we go above and beyond for each other and for ourselves.