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Hold a Hand. Read Aloud. Bake a Cake. Give a Hug. Touch a Heart.

Volunteering at Brighton

Our Volunteers Are an Essential Part of
the Brighton Team

A hospice volunteer is an individual specially trained by Brighton Hospice to provide assistance to patients, their families, and the hospice team. As a volunteer, you help fulfill the promise of hospice in many ways. You are the hand to help and to hold, the friendly face that brings warm conversation and welcome respite. Our trained volunteers provide invaluable services.

Volunteer tasks can be patient related or non-patient related. 

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The Rewards of Volunteering in Hospice
Volunteer Responsibilities

Help to Fulfill the Promise of Hospice

Volunteer tasks can be patient related or non-patient related.  Whatever your skill set may be, you have a part to play on the Brighton Hospice team. 

Apply to Volunteer

Patient Care Activities:

  • Visit with the patient wherever they live (e.g., at home, an assisted living or skilled nursing facility, or a group home)
  • Visit with the patient to provide support and a listening ear 
  • Assist with letter writing or other projects 
  • Help write or record the patient’s life story 
  • Stay with the patient so their family can go out
  • Read to the patient or join them in watching a favorite TV program 
  • Play games with the patient or family 
  • Sing or play music 
  • Give a manicure or hand massage 
  • Take the patient outside or for a walk 
  • Hold vigil for a patient during the dying process (requires additional training provided by Brighton) 

Non-Patient Care Activities:

  • Assist with…
    • Clerical tasks
    • Bereavement program and calls 
    • Special events
    • Community outreach events
  • Use your own talents to support hospice families
    • Knitting slippers or blankets
    • Sewing activity blankets for memory care patients
    • Making “memory quilts” using a patient’s clothing

A Hospice Volunteer Will Not Be Asked to:

  • Give medications
  • Provide direct patient care (bathing, changing linens)
  • Make any medical decisions
  • Perform any task they do not feel comfortable or qualified to do
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Volunteer Requirements

What Does It Take to Volunteer With Brighton?

Time Commitment:  Time commitments vary according to volunteer and patient needs. You may visit with a particular patient for 1-2 hours every week, or stay with a patient for an afternoon to provide respite for the patient’s family. Other tasks might be on a regular basis or helping once a year with an annual event. Volunteers are encouraged to make a one-year commitment; however, monthly hours are determined by the availability of the volunteer.   

Training:  There are approximately 20 hours of training involved in preparing you to work with hospice patients and their families. At the end of the training session, you will choose the role that best fits your goals as a hospice volunteer. The training process involves orienting to hospice, Brighton’s culture and expectations for our volunteer team, and hands on training with our volunteer coordinator. 

Continuous Training:  In addition to the initial training, Brighton provides continuous monthly online trainings, to be completed by the volunteer at home.  These trainings range in duration from 30 minutes to 2 hours per month. 

Volunteer Testimonials

Make a Big Difference in Someone's Life—Including Your Own

BarbaraHospice Volunteer – Indianapolis, IN

I am a volunteer with Brighton Hospice, Indiana. I work in the office with a great staff of professionals who are passionate about helping others. I provide clerical assistance every Friday for 4 hours and every other Wednesday as needed. Brighton is a great place to volunteer. Whether you are being a caring visitor to one of our patients or working in the office, both are valuable. The initial and ongoing training is superb. You have people beside you every step of the way. They work with your schedule so even if you have a full time job, being a hospice volunteer is an option for you.

AnneHospice Volunteer – St. Louis Park, MN

As a hospice volunteer, I receive far more back than I put in. It is an honor knowing in some small way I am making someone’s life a bit easier during a challenging time.

StephanieHospice Volunteer – Las Vegas, NV

My experience with volunteering for Brighton Hospice has been wonderful. I am thankful to be given the opportunity to visit patients and spend time with them. It is a part of my life that brings one of the greatest joys. Ever since starting at Brighton, I have been encouraged and cared for by the staff. Every person at Brighton is friendly and always lending a helping hand. Susan, the volunteer coordinator, is kind and compassionate to her volunteers and to the patients. I see Susan and other staff members trying to show appreciation and affection to everyone around them. I have only had a great experience here at Brighton. Thank you so much for giving me the honor of volunteering with your team!

PaulHospice Volunteer – St. Louis Park, MN

I have found the opportunity to volunteer with Brighton Hospice not only provides support to families who have experienced a loss but has helped me grow professionally as a community paramedic. Brighton has required monthly training that exposes me to aspects of health care that I would not otherwise explore.

VictoriaHospice Volunteer – Las Vegas, NV

I’m so glad to be volunteering with Brighton Hospice. I’ve learned so much about empathy, understanding, life, and healthcare in my time of volunteering. These important lessons are helping me grow into the person I aim to become. The Brighton team makes me feel so welcomed and valued. They have been so accommodating, kind, and understanding during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m grateful for the friends and connections I’ve made through Brighton!

Join Our Team

Interested in Joining Brighton's Team?

 If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our Volunteer Application or contact us for more information. By volunteering, you can make a big difference in someone’s life – including your own.