About Us

Hospice Care

Brighton Hospice is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service which is one of the main reasons for our exemplary reputation in the industry.

Getting hired by Brighton is tough–and that’s the way it should be. An intensive screening process followed by extensive training creates a team of skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing only the best in hospice care.

These dedicated health care experts remain with Brighton far longer than industry averages providing you with the finest in continuity of care. Brighton Hospice hires only the most skilled and passionate people in the industry. We seek out our team and focus on members that love their work and have a special skill set.

Services are covered by Medicare at 100%

We believe strongly in having a set of eyes on our patients daily. Our hospice care aides assist with bathing, activities of daily living, (such as grooming and dressing) and light housekeeping. Hospice nurses will visit at least twice a week and more as needed. Our hospice physician will make house calls on admission and as needed along the course of your time with Brighton. Chaplains, social workers, and the dietician are available as often as you need them. Volunteers are available to provide a gamut of services from just visiting to giving massages, helping write a family history, or cooking meals. Our bereavement team follows the patient’s family for a year after the patient passes away because hospice is about the whole family. Our hospice team provides a variety of services all geared towards your situation. Depending on your needs, our nurses can assist with education, dressing changes, lab draws, monitoring vital signs, IV antibiotics, catheters, and injections. Our therapy team will focus on strengthening upper and lower body, gait training, balance, speech and cognitive issues, bedside swallow evaluation, adaptive equipment training, and education. Our aides assist with activities of daily living, and our social worker and support team are there when you need them.

Why Choose Brighton Hospice Care?

  • Palliative Care Certified Medical Director
  • Full time Family Nurse Practitioner on staff
  • Care available 7 days a week based on patient needs
  • Aroma, Massage and Music Therapies
  • Hospital readmissions below both State and National averages; meaning the quality of the care provided by Brighton results in fewer trips to the hospital.
  • Fully staffed, after hours On-call team of Nurses that will assist and respond in person when needed.
  • Hospice Volunteer Program
  • Experienced, professional and compassionate Clinicians and Staff Members

Personal Message to the Customers

The last line of our mission statement states, “We are always guided by our commitment to excellence.”  We hold our team to this.  At Brighton we have found that our team holds each other to this also.  It is not just a job for us, we truly are passionate about what we do and it shows.  Our culture has grown around the idea of the “Brighton Glow” which is the idea that when our team wears the Brighton name they are pushing themselves to be the very best at all times.

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