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Raising the Hospice Standard

The last line of our mission statement reads, “We are always guided by our commitment to excellence.” These few words are at the heart of everything we do at Brighton. We have found that our team holds each other to this standard. It is not just a job for us—we truly are passionate about providing compassionate care for our patients and their families.

The Brighton Difference

Words From Our Community

As a manager of a memory care community in Sun Prairie, I have worked with a lot of hospice companies. We took a chance with Brighton when they expanded to the Madison area and were BEYOND PLEASED. Sarah, the nurse who managed the care for our resident, was the best hospice nurse I have worked with thus far, and one of the most amazing people! Her communication with us, the resident, and the family was amazing. She was so calming with our resident, and often rubbed her back until she fell asleep, or even sang to her. We all felt confident our resident was in good hands and she was reassuring to family through the entire process. She was clear when the end was near and made sure our mutual patient was VERY comfortable. The CNAs that were coming 5 days per week were SO helpful!!!! They would give more showers than necessary since the resident enjoyed them. They would DO HER HAIR. They even spent extra time with her holding her hand at breakfast until they had to go to their next patient. All of my staff continued to say "they are so awesome" when talking about this company!!! Keep it up Brighton!!!!!! You have a great team!

Brighton Hospice has truly been a bright spot in the ongoing care of my Mother. With Mom's intense pain and health issues, it was becoming increasingly hard on her and the family getting her to and from doctor/ER visits, and figuring out how to handle the issues associated with aging and dementia. Since Brighton Hospice has come on board, her care has been all home based. Everything is taken care of in a timely manner, the staff is compassionate and amazing, and they have been a huge help in educating our family on senior care. Their hospice care has also allowed my sister and brother-in-law much needed respite from their caregiving duties. I highly recommend Brighton Hospice.

Dear Brighton Hospice staff who cared for my brother Roy. All of you being there and caring for Roy was comforting beyond measure. I knew he was receiving the best care possible. And it wasn’t long before I realized that you really cared about him as well. Finally, at the end of his life he was surrounded by people who truly cared about him as a person and were kind and compassionate to him. I am truly grateful. Fortunate are the patients who come into your care.

The highest compliment I can give is that, as a long-term care provider, I have zero hesitancy when recommending Brighton for end-of-life care for my residents. I have had nothing but positive experiences with every staff member I have encountered.

As a nurse, Brighton cares about my residents and goes above and beyond anybody else in the area. They constantly have other services and people in to see my residence, not just an aide.

My family and I are extremely grateful for all that you did for my husband. Words cannot express our appreciation for the care and compassion that you all brought to his last weeks. His passing was just what we wished for him, he was comfortable and pain free. We are so grateful. Thank you for being there and may God bless you all for what you are doing to help so many!

You have an outstanding and compassionate staff. I appreciated all of the communication from day one. The communication between the Brighton Staff and the nursing staff at the facility was seamless and your team went above and beyond to make sure everyone know about changes in meds, behavior, physical changes, etc. It was a wonderful experience-under the circumstances. My father and I appreciated all of your hard work, professionalism, compassion, and care. Your staff without a doubt improved my father’s quality of life as well as mine during his last months. My extended family and friends who also came to visit were also impressed and relieved my father was being taken care of so well by staff.

Each level of care giving was professional and compassionate. The intake evaluation walked us gently and compassionately through the beginning process. Personal care staff was consistent and attentive to needs of patient treated with respect and gentleness. RN in charge of overseeing was careful and thorough in diagnosing and overseeing the progression. Good communication with family was important to us and was carried out satisfactory. Spiritual guidance was excellent and helpful to patient and family during all phases and even after death.

We are so thankful to you for all you did for us and for our father in his final days. Your kindness meant the world to us. Dad left this world in peace, without pain, because of you. We couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you so much for the compassion and care you gave to Sandra in her final days. It means so much to the family knowing everything was done to ease her pain and anxiety.

We used Brighton Hospice for my father’s end of life care. I can say without question they provide a great service and are extremely responsive. Our Case Manager was exceptionally good, kind & compassionate. She explained everything very calmly and answered every question my family had. They are very personable and care a lot about about their patients.

I cannot thank you enough for the care that you gave my wife. The heartfelt care helped all of us go through the transition of a loved one departing. There was no rule book to follow. The process was not sugar coated by your team of wingless earthbound angels which was a blessing in itself. No false hopes were given which made her passing acceptable to all of us. Your team of angels, Amanda, Jerri, Jackie, Tonya, Nicole, Ebony, and Pastor Ryan made her passing as comfortable as humanly possible. I thank you and your team for treating her with the dignity and respect that such a wonderful woman as she deserved in her final months. Your team of wingless earthbound angels have already saved a spot for themselves in heaven.

Brighton has come into our memory care unit and has done an amazing job every time! They are so compassionate and persistent. Everyone is in such good hands with the Brighton staff. They are also good with the nurses aides and helps answer any questions, and has great communication with the facilities they visit. Best hospice company I’ve seen to date. Love them, and recommend them to everyone!

I want to thank you for all you have done for me to cope with the loss of my wife. You and your people are heaven sent.

Brighton has come into our memory care unit and has done an amazing job every time! They are so compassionate and persistent. Everyone is in such good hands with the Brighton staff. They are also good with the nurses aides and helps answer any questions, and has great communication with the facilities they visit. Best hospice company I’ve seen to date. Love them, and recommend them to everyone!

It has been a great pleasure working with Brighton Hospice. I am so appreciative of their hard work and dedication while working together to provide education to those working in the senior care industry. I would highly recommend them, not only for professionals, but to families that are looking for a hospice care team that is committed to putting their customers first and providing the best customer service.

As mom declined, the Brighton staff stepped in to meet the increasing needs. They provided the extra care that the facility, HHA’s were untrained/unable/often unwilling to do. I have been involved with two other hospice companies for dying relatives. Brighton was superior to the others. The biggest plus is the frequency of visits. That provides the consistency needed. The team members you hired are excellent-professional, well trained and caring. They made the last months of her life as good as they could be. They deserve HUGE raises!!

There are a great many workers from the Brighton team who came to the care of my Gramma as she entered Hospice. I greatly appreciated the respect and dignity of care which the staff gave to the most important person in my life.

Jessica was a regular focal point for my family and used her own laptop or phone to do video calls to my Aunt with her visits. She always was patient, gave full and detailed information, and answered any questions I had. What I most appreciated about Jessica was that she told us plainly what was happening, what would happen and gave us an estimate of our remaining time together.

Amanda is the staff member I got to know the best and am happy to have a new lifelong friend. My Gramma's mind was failing and she frequently referred to Amanda me and as sweet as she is, she went with it. Whatever my Gramma needed, Amanda took care of without being asked.....even the not fun tasks. I saw her clean poop off her shoes, change her clothes, clean her up after accidents, help her eat, hold her hand, and share conversations and just go above and beyond to make sure Gramma or I had everything that was needed.

Joan is another person I would like to acknowledge. She filled in for Jessica on my Gramma's last weekend. We knew it was near the end and I was visiting daily. I saw the downhill changes in her that were new to me and made me anxious. Joan came in, was kind, knowledgeable, answered my questions made sure the onsite care staff updated their records, were closely monitoring her pain.

Finally, Alissa-the music therapist. My Gramma loved her visits and I loved seeing her relax and be able to enjoy something again. She met with her and tailored her sessions to her specific interests and hobbies. I saw her 3 times and you could see the pain and anxiety wash away from her face when the music played. The last visit (2 days before she passed), Alissa stayed past her time, went to her next patient and came back to check on Gramma before leaving. She gave me her cell in case we needed her and she could add in an extra visit. We talked about how having music play would help keep her relaxed. I was able to follow that advice and we played similar music to what she was singing non stop for the last 24 hrs. I would like to believe it helped her not feel alone and provided some comfort. I would highly recommend to anyone to book music therapy to the elderly, and especially those on hospice.

There is another lady I can't remember her name but she said she always did my Gramma's nails and massaged her hands and or feet when she came and my Gramma said she loved when she came and it made her feel pampered and it felt good. There were a couple others...but those I mentioned went above and beyond. It made our overall experience with the Brighton hospice team a comfortable one-especially during such a difficult time. It takes a genuine warm and caring person to not only work with the elderly, but the elderly in the last stage of their life where they are not themselves, family and patient are tense, scared, sad and hurting. I would highly recommend the staff we had and these services to anyone going through a hospice situation with a loved one.

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