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Information Regarding COVID-19 and Hospice

Information Regarding COVID-19 and Brighton Hospice At Brighton Hospice, we believe communication is a critical part of providing exceptional care. As concern continues to grow around the #COVID19 virus, our ongoing focus will be to provide the best care to our patients and their families, collaborate with our partner organizations, and protect and educate our team. Additionally,…


Hospice and Harley-Davidson®

Brighton Hospice loves to make dreams come true for its patients. One particular patient really enjoyed driving his Harley-Davidson®, but couldn’t due to his medical condition. The staff got creative. They found a Harley with a sidecar and were able to take him on a long ride through the mountains, even stopping along the way…

Advice from a Special Patient

Advice from a Special Patient When Jennifer first started with Brighton in Oregon, one patient specifically touched her heart in a way she will never forget. While getting to know each other, they discovered that they were kindred spirits with many things in common. Jennifer provided the very best care to her, as with all…

our why brighton hospice

Our Why – Brighton Hospice

Why? Why do we even do this job? The answer to this question is captured best by our clients. They are our “why,” as this video explains through their own stories. These three stories are told from the perspective of those left behind in the wake of great loss. Each is one example of hundreds of stories we hear from our clients every single day. It can be a difficult job, but this is what makes it all worthwhile.