Brighton Hospice Self-Care Series—Work-Life Balance

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Brighton Hospice Presents

Work-Life Balance

Self-Care During COVID-19

“Work-life balance” seems to be the buzzword in modern working culture.  But in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, this important aspect of self-care has become more crucial than ever.

“Taking time for yourself so you can take care of others is a great philosophy,” says David Finton, a chaplain and bereavement coordinator at Brighton Hospice in Denver, Colorado. However, placing self-care as a priority before the care of others is not always an easy philosophy to live by, especially for healthcare workers.

“We have so many things pulling on us in our society, and we’re having a tough time during a pandemic,” David acknowledges. If organizations can help their caregivers and hospice staff prioritize self-care and focus on work-life balance, this will help caregivers continue to support their teammates and provide excellent care for all their patients.

Quick Tips to Start Practicing Work-Life Balance Today

Create an after-work ritual.  Even when you’ve clocked out for the day, it can be hard to stop thinking about work.  Choose something to do at end of your work day to signal to your mind that work is over.  Play a podcast or a favorite playlist; meditate and breathe; eat a certain healthy snack; or listen to an audiobook on your drive home.

Go for a power walk.  Whether you’re getting out on your lunch break or around your neighborhood after dinner, walking is great for your health and can provide an instant mood boost.

Get out in nature.  Take a hike in the mountains or walk along the ocean.  Walk around a lake or throw a frisbee with a friend at your local park (while practicing social distancing protocols, of course).

For some closer to home activities, educate yourself about the nature in your own backyard.  Start identifying birds in your area by downloading the Audubon app, or find out about the local flora and fauna with apps like PlantNet and iNaturalist.


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