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Advice from a Special Patient

By December 30, 2019No Comments

Advice from a Special Patient

When Jennifer first started with Brighton in Oregon, one patient specifically touched her heart in a way she will never forget. While getting to know each other, they discovered that they were kindred spirits with many things in common. Jennifer provided the very best care to her, as with all of her patients, but this patient always did what she could to care for Jennifer in return. She’d call Jennifer at 5 pm every day to check up on Jennifer and see how her day went. The patient had a huge garden, but was chair bound and found it very difficult to get to. Because of this, Jennifer would bring a camera to take pictures of the different plants and show the patient how they were doing. Jennifer also took the time to harvest the fruits and vegetables for her.

Jennifer learned a valuable lesson while getting to know this patient. It’s a lesson she has relearned from many patients since. Spend more time with the people you love, every day.

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