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Team Member Spotlight:
Alana Brown, Social Worker

By March 19, 2021No Comments
Team Member Spotlight

Alana Brown

Social Worker

Brighton Hospice
St. Louis Park, Minnesota


“You do the best you can until you know better.  Then, when you know better, do better.”
–Maya Angelou


What is something about you that would surprise most people?

I have been married three times.  Third time is the charm!


What is one thing you can’t live without?

Time outside in nature.

Where is your hometown?

I grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, a city kid with a country heart.


Where is your favorite place you’ve ever visited?

I had the opportunity to visit the country of Tanzania for 15 days.  It was the most magical place on the planet!  I was amazed by the people, the food, and especially the  animals.

The North Shore of Minnesota is a close second.


What is your favorite book or movie from your childhood?

I did not read much as a kid, as I was outside from dusk to dawn.  But I loved the movie Cocktail starring Tom Cruise, and Dirty Dancing when I was a teen.


If you could spend a day with any person, living or deceased, who would it be?

I would spend a day with my Dad, who died much too young in 2011.  I would ask him all the things I did not get to ask him.  I would also have him tell me all of his fishing secrets and teach me to back in a boat!

Team Member Spotlights


Our mission at Brighton Hospice is to provide the best physical, emotional, and spiritual care for our patients and their families.

Achieving this important mission would be impossible without our Brighton team members.  We take pride in hiring the most compassionate and skilled people in the industry who deliver clinical expertise and exceed our patients’ expectations.

Our Team Member Spotlight series is our way of highlighting those dedicated individuals who go above and beyond in their commitment to excellence.

Alana Brown, Social Worker

Alana with her husband, Scott

Alana loves her four-year-old rescue cat, Mushu

Tell us about your family, friends, pets, hobbies, and passion projects:

I am married to Scott.  I have five biological children:  Maggie (20), Tommy (18), Grace (13), Mary (11), Ruby (10), and one stepson, Brad (23).

We have a four-year-old rescue cat from Texas named Mushu.  He is black with green eyes and was my first cat ever at age 47.  I am in love!

My husband and I love to bicycle and have traveled all over Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We hope to go on further adventures this year!  We love to fish—both for sport and to eat—and plan to move to the Gulf Coast of Florida in ten years when our youngest is out of high school.

“Alana is a ‘social worker for social workers.’  She’s always the first one to say, ‘I can do that,’ or ‘how can I help?’  She’s funny, smart, patient, focused, and kind, and she’s a knowledgeable, confident, collaborative team member.  She’s the whole package.  She is always advocating for her team and her patients!  Alana’s willingness to help out is always admired and appreciated by her team members.” 

– Alana’s Brighton Team Leaders

What inspired you to pursue a career in hospice care?

I believe that people should be honored, celebrated, and cared for as much at the end of life as we are at our birth.  I consider it a great honor to be part of the journey as we birth into the next place, whether that is heaven or wherever the individual believes transpires at the end of this life.


How did you first learn about Brighton Hospice?

I heard about Brighton through a member of the marketing team.  He inspired me to have Brighton come and serve in the skilled nursing facility where I was the Director of Social Services.  The experience was amazing for the family of the patient and also for our staff.  After that, I was in…I had to be part of the magic.


How long have you been with Brighton?

I will have been with Brighton for four years on June 29, 2021.


What is your proudest moment at Brighton?

I think of one patient in particular and how he commented about the joy that was brought to him over correspondences we had through the mail and  phone calls during the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine.  I will never forget this patient’s laugh.


What are the challenges of working in hospice care that you’ve faced or would like to shed light on?

I think dispelling the myths around the word “hospice” has been challenging at times. Teaching families and patients about the benefit, the hospice care model, and the ability to make people more comfortable with the word has truly been a joy.


What are your hopes for the hospice care / healthcare industry?

I truly hope that people continue to find joy and comfort in hospice and that we are able to reach more and more patients and families as people are more comfortable talking about end of life.

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