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Brighton Hospice Minnesota opened its doors in 2014. This Minnesota Hospice became the second division Brighton Hospice opened after beginning with our Utah Hospice headquarters in the Salt Lake City area in 2012. Brighton was founded by our two owners, one of which had extensive experience in geriatric care while working in Assisted Living as a director of nursing, spent time as an RN in a transitional rehab hospital and also had experience in hospice care. Having this knowledge and experience allowed ownership to learn what to do or not to do when it came to hospice care. It was their mission and goal to provide twice the amount of hospice care to our patients in order to provide the hospice service and care they deserve. top work places minnesotaThis plan of care was all established with the hospice patient and family in mind. Hospice care and communication became our number one priority.

Brighton Hospice Minnesota has rapidly become one of the elite Hospice Companies in the Minneapolis area with headquarters based in St. Louis Park, MN. At Brighton Hospice Minnesota, we take pride in providing the best comfort care to patients and their families. Whether it’s Hospice care, or Palliative care, we can provide our patients with the best experience in the Twin Cities area. Our staff consists of experienced hospice nurses who put the needs of the patient first. Our main goal is to provide as much care as needed to patients along with support to family members who may be experiencing grief and pain through this difficult time. Brighton Hospice MN even provides grief support for families up to 13 months beyond the passing of a loved one.

Our hospice staff has grown to consist of over 70 employees in just 3 short years and continues to grow each month. This is the result of providing the best hospice care in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Brighton Hospice has a very extensive hiring process to ensure we find the best Nurses, CNA’s, Social Workers, Chaplains, Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and support staff to set us apart from the competition. When looking for a Minnesota Hospice, look no further than Brighton Hospice MN. We are always willing to meet with a family for hospice education or to answer hospice questions that may arise as you make this decision for your loved one. Hospice FAQ’s are also located on this website to help with support and direction.

The end of life should be just as beautiful as the beginning. Hospice patients should be able to die with dignity in a familiar setting surrounded by those they love. Hospice care provides an opportunity to have and enjoy the quality of life an individual deserves; to be free of pain as they leave this life. It is about giving an opportunity to have peace and comfort to the hospice patient and family.

If you have questions about Hospice in Minnesota and are in or near the Twin Cities area, give us a call. Our services expand from Northfield MN area all the way to the Minneapolis Metro. We look forward to serving you in any way we can.

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