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Care for the Caregiver: Refer a Caregiver Today

By February 8, 2021July 7th, 2022No Comments

Brighton Hospice Presents

Care for the Caregiver

A Virtual Support Group for Our Patients’ Family Caregivers

We are pleased to announce that our Support Services team is now offering Care for the Caregiver, a virtual support group for our patients’ family members who are their caregivers.

Being a caregiver for a loved one on hospice can be difficult at any time, but is especially challenging in the time of COVID-19.  Isolation and uncertainty can be overwhelming, making it even harder to make decisions that many have never even considered.

If you know of a patient’s family caregiver who is struggling with loneliness, guilt, confusion, and the myriad emotions that accompany the anticipatory grief of caring for a loved one on hospice, we invite you to refer them to our virtual support group.

We can offer support, education, and tips to navigate challenging situations complicated by COVID in a group setting.  We will also take time to discuss how to celebrate life, the importance of self-care, and guidance on how to make these a priority when it feels impossible.

When:  Every other Thursday from January 21 – April 1

Cost: FREE

How Caregivers Can Join: We will send out links every other week to the upcoming event.  Here is the registration link for our next meeting on Thursday, February 18th:

We invite you to give this link to any of your patients’ caregivers who could use some extra support at this time.  You can also have them email for more information or for registration assistance.

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